Kessler-Zink Riesling Trocken Dry

Item #: KR102

Size: 750ml

Type: White wine

Varietal: 100% Riesling

Winery: Kessler-Zink

Country: Germany - Rheinhessen

Taste:          Fruity, fresh and dry white wine with a                           typical taste of lemon fruits and peach. Well              balanced acidity and sugar.

The DRY style is a good matching partner with spicy food.

                   Residual sugar: aprox. 3-5 gr.ltr.


Character:   Riesling is the most traditional and well                 know German grape variety.  Enjoy                    this typical dry Riesling with a crispy and fresh acidity. It is a wine perfectly to serve with food. Taste the mineralic style of German wines.





                   Serve this dry white wine with seafood, spicy                  chicken and salads.

Serve with a temperature of 8-10° Celsius.

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