Boggart Kentucky Bourbon/Canadian Whiskey

Item #: VDB106

Size: 1L

Type: Scotch Whiskey


Distillery: Boggart (Special Reserve Selection)

Country: USA - Kentucky, Canada

Product of Kentucky

Very pleasant sweet Bourbon, nose without overpowering alcohol notes. Simple, uncomplicated flavor. The lack of taste complexity has it towards the back of the "recommended" bourbons but otherwise quite impressive.

40%  Alc. by vol.


Product of Scotland

Amber color, dark dried fruits – raisins and figs. Very rich and heavy. Sweet and thick. Seems very sherry influenced, but fades more towards malt and oak flavors, including some vanilla. Medium finish. Interesting and highly drinkable.

40%  Alc. by vol.


Product of Canada

A gorgeous deep amber color, a caramel, maple-y nose, and one of the smoothest hits on the tongue, light spice such as coriander, a touch of rose petals; then maple and brown sugar assert themselves, resulting in a long, medium finish.

40%  Alc. by vol.

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Boggart (Special Reserve Selection)